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Better Health Begins Here

To offer you my insight, guidance, and direction, to better living through an array of the highest quality Nutraceutical products with integrity pricing. Some years ago, after over 30 surgeries, I was introduced to "See Yourself Well" Omega 3. Being very skeptical, yet open minded, I started taking the product to assist with high inflammation and chronic pain. The results were mixed. Little did I know at the time, to combat the level of pain and inflammation I was experiencing, taking 1 capsule a day was equivalent to placing a "Band Aid" on a broken arm! I learned my magic number was 5 capsules or 1 teaspoon of a clean triglyceride (TG) Omega 3. After years of working with physicians and consumers in this industry, a simple lesson unfolds; each of us is unique in our supplement requirements. I take great pride in working with you, to help establish your "Magic Number". Once established, the next rung to better health will not be out of reach, naturally.

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